Attention Passengers

Please understand our primary mission is the movement of cargo and space required (duty) passengers on Department of Defense owned or controlled aircraft. Once mission requirements are met, available seats will be offered to Space-A passengers awaiting transportation. T Travelers must be prepared for the possibly of having to wait several days or even arrange alternate commercial transportation. Please remember, space-available travel is a privilege and Air Mobility Command cannot guarantee movement to your desired location or on any particular schedule.

How to sign up

There are 4 ways you can sign up for space “A” travel:

  • In person at building 109 utilizing the AMC Form 140
  • By Mail: 1679 Coonskin Dr. Charleston WV 25311, ATTN: Small Air Terminal
  • By phone: 304-341-6185
  • Email us at
    • Please Include
•Email address
•First Middle Last Name
•Service branch
•Military status
•Name(s) of dependent travelers
•Total seats required
•Travel eligibility status (above)
•Leave dates
•Overseas travel-ready status (Required documents in-hand?)
•Destination(s) (Sign up for up to five destinations)

Space 'A' Flights



72-hour 130th Airlift Wing Space Available Travel hotline: 304-341-6600

For question concerning travel restrictions and eligibility please call the passenger terminal at 304-341-6185.

What is Space 'A'

Space ‘A’ is short for “Space-Available” and is air transportation on government owned or controlled aircraft.  When mission and cargo loads allow, there are often seats made available to eligible passengers.  With a little patience and flexibility, you can travel all over the world for almost nothing.

Who is Eligible

Category VI - retired, dependents, reserve, ROTC, NUPOC, CEC, veterans with a permanent service-connected disability rated as total, and surviving spouses of service members who died in active duty, inactive duty training, or annual training status
  • National Guard/Reserve components/members of the Ready Reserve and members of the Standby Reserve who are on the Active Status List.
  • Retired military members who are issued DD Form 2 and eligible to receive retired or retainer pay.
  • Family members (with a valid identification card) of retired members when accompanied by a sponsor. 
  • Surviving Spouses (i.e. Widow/Widowers) of Service members who died while on active duty, inactive duty training, or annual training status as well as retired military members, and their accompanying dependents, must have a DoD USID and privilege card. Dependents who are under the age of 14 must possess a Federal-, State-, local-, or tribal government-issued identification.
  • Authorized veterans with a permanent service-connected disability rated as total or VA-100% Disabled Veteran.

Category III - Ordinary leave, relatives, house hunting permissive TDY, MOH holders & foreign military

  • Members of the uniformed services in an ordinary or re-enlistment leave status.
  • Military personnel traveling on permissive temporary duty (TDY) orders for house hunting.
  • If the permissive TDY is for the purpose of permanent change of station house hunting, the member travels in Category III and can be accompanied by one family  member. 
  • Dependents of military members deployed for more than 365 consecutive days.
  • Bona fide family members (up to age 23 with a valid identification card) of a service member of the uniformed services when accompanied by their sponsor who is in  an ordinary leave status within overseas areas between overseas stations and air terminals in the CONUS.
  • This privilege does not apply to travel of dependents to or from a sponsor's restricted or unaccompanied tour location or to travel in a leave status to or from TDY  locations. It applies only to round-trip travel to an overseas area or the CONUS with the sponsor. DODI 4515.13 restricts use of these privileges to establish a home for  family members in an overseas area or the CONUS.
  • Foreign exchange service members on permanent duty with the DoD, when in a leave status.

Space 'A' Links

 ‚Äč  This will go over several questions and answers that many Space A travelers have and can read and review online at their own time and pace.