474th: New Airmen to continue the mission

  • Published
  • By Army Staff Sgt. Gretel Sharpee
  • JFT Guantanamo Public Affairs
The Wire Volume 10, Issue 1 February 27, 2009 - New faces can be found around Camp Justice with the arrival of a new Air Force Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron. 

The new squadron is mostly comprised of airmen from the West Virginia Air National Guard but a few are also from the Michigan and Hawaii Air National Guard. 

"Our main goal is to maintain and supply Camp Justice and the Expeditionary Legal Complex," said Air Force Master Sgt. Charles Brown, squadron first sergeant. 

Camp Justice was established to support the military commissions taking place at the ELC. Everyone from world media to legal support staff can be found there during commissioning sessions. 

Since falling in on Camp Justice operations, the mission these airmen face is not new, but for some of their younger members it will be the first time they take what they learned in school and apply it to a real-world mission. 

"We have some real good seasoned veterans in each shop," Brown said. "We rely on [these airmen] to mentor and show leadership to the younger ones and lead them down the right path." 

One new mission this squadron is falling in on, but would also like to complete, is providing the ELC and Camp Justice with "ground power." 

"Right now [Camp Justice and the ELC are] powered by generators. We are looking forward to getting the power supply of generators on to a ground supply," said Air Force Lt. Col. John Dulin, squadron commander. 

While adjusting to their mission and new surroundings, the airmen have taken the time to scour Guantanamo Bay and take advantage of all the recreation opportunities it has to offer. 

"I don't think there is any activity you could name that they haven't already tried out," Dulin said. "I've also been impressed to hear that they have gotten involved in the community as well through volunteering." 

During the six-month tour these airmen have here, it is clear the mission is first. 

"What we bring to the table is our experience," said Dulin. "We are an expeditionary civil engineering force and we are here to carry out the mission of the
Commission Support Group."