Charlie West Spotlight: March '20

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The Charlie West Spotlight for March 2020 is Tech. Sgt. Sarah Monroe, a Financial Management Craftsman assigned to the 130th Comptroller Flight.

She also serves in the 130th’s Honor Guard and Color Guard, is the wing “undershirt”, and is a member of the 130th’s First Sergeant Council.

“I would love to have the opportunity to serve as a first sergeant one day, that’s my goal,” she explained. “I want to be the person that members can lean on personally and professionally, and I want to continue to strive for excellence and grow as an NCO.”

Outside of her military profession, she would like to pursue completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Monroe says that she is proudest in life of joining the 130th, and of her family.

“I have several best days of my life, but marrying my husband Jefferson and giving my birth to my children, Lorelei and Tobias, are at the top,” Monroe said. “And at the 130th, my favorite moment was becoming a member of the honor guard team. It is such a great honor to have the opportunity to perform military honors for someone who has died serving their country.”

To Monroe, the pride of being a member of the 130th Airlift Wing is seen in the camaraderie of the unit and how everyone takes care of each other to get the mission accomplished. As an individual, her pride comes from putting on her uniform every day and being part of something bigger than herself.

“I want to continue to be a role model for other Airmen and my children,” said Monroe. “With hard work and dedication, no goal is unattainable - and I couldn’t reach my goals and do what I do every day without the support system of my family, friends, and peers.”

Monroe’s dedication to service and love for her job came to mind when her commander selected her to represent the spotlight.

“Sarah was selected as the spotlight because of her flawless efforts in leading the military and benefits implementation for the deployment of 115 of our members,” said Lt. Col. Corey Gause, the 130th CF Commander. “She was dedicated to ensuring that every deployed member received timely pay to support their families and handle their responsibilities while serving our nation.”