Charlie West Spotlight - July

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Caleb Vance

July’s Charlie West Spotlight is Tech. Sgt. Bryan Trivison, an Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) Technician assigned to the 130th Operation Support Squadron.


Trivison is a Dunbar, W.Va. native and a 2006 graduate of South Charleston High School. He has served with the 130th for 12 years, where he currently works full-time as the AFE Flight Chief.


As a member of AFE, Trivison is responsible for ensuring that all flight and safety equipment is in perfect working order, and to make sure Airmen have the supplies necessary for any situation. From packing emergency items like parachutes and survival kits to maintaining regularly used items like flight helmets and oxygen masks, the attention to detail provided by these professionals could mean the difference between life and death.


“It’s an extraordinary yet humbling feeling being part of such a small, yet elite, group of individuals who are willing to put their lives on hold to do what the nation needs,” he said of the 130th. “And there is such a feeling of culture, trust and camaraderie here, people who you don’t even know well, or have even met, treat you like family.


Outside of his duties, Trivison’s military goals are to finish Non-Commissioned Officer Academy and achieve the rank of Master Sgt. this summer, and to eventually become the AFE Superintendent.


His goals in his civilian life is to finish his degree in Finance from Marshall University, and after completion to help people with personal finances.


Trivison is a very family oriented man. He is the father of two children, his son, Jet and daughter, Miri and has been married to his wife, Meghan, for eight years. When he’s not working in the AFE shop here, he spends most of his time with his family and friends.


“My kids are truly a reflection of their parents,” said Trivison. “Helping them to grow to be kind and happy has been the most rewarding thing in life, and if I had to say what the best day of my life is, it was when they were born.”


Trivison other hobbies include listening to music and podcasts, reading, playing in a soccer league, weightlifting and constantly learning in the sector of personal finance.